Student Testimonials

Beverley Thompson

"I had lost something very precious – where I used to be.  In 2017, I was 6-months out from a breast cancer diagnosis, surgery, treatment, and keeping track of a new cancer container now keeping company alongside my diabetes stash of pills and needles. At an all-time low in my life, having never been sick, I was precariously juggling grief, denial, and loss. I didn’t know where to begin to restore myself. My empty medicine cabinet shelves were now cluttered with things to extending my life – I didn’t know where to turn. 

Serendipity a miraculous thing, I thought, that only blesses others, surely not me. Moving For Life took me totally by surprise,  getting my body awareness, muscle tone, and, most importantly, my faith in life  back to some sense of normalcy."

Moving For Life Student Testimonial by Beverly Thompson

I find incredibly vibrant and victorious women who have overcome so much with their will to move. I have become a better person as I move through life and risk a new unknown.

I dance away feeling energized and alive only to repeat the experience each week. 

Moving For Life has changed my life.

Thank You, Martha! Thank You, Ana! Thank You, Moving For Life!




"After this one session, I can't tell you how much better I feel."



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Moving For Life has been, without a doubt, a thoroughly vital and restorative practice for me. From the music and choreography to the mix of participants involved in the project –patients and instructors alike – everything about this simply felt right and positive.

The class has drawn a broad mix of women. The debriefing sessions afterward addressed each of us as a whole person. As an introvert who is wary of support groups in general (for their “talkiness,” as well as the often-awkward group dynamics they engender), these sessions felt much more manageable.

I cannot commend the work of Martha Eddy and the other instructors highly enough, and I firmly believe that other post-op breast cancer patients would find these classes an incredibly valuable opportunity to become involved in their own healing and recovery.

Florence Gordon

"If you come to this class, you won't regret it."