What is class like?
Through accessible instruction class members can learn the anatomical and exercise knowledge to take control of their post-treatment healing and become as active as possible:
  • Class begins with an easy breath-based warm-up and stretching—safely increasing the range of movement in the arms and legs.
  • Next, explore breathing and movement exercises that are specially designed to reduce swelling (lymphedema).
  • Then, reduce fatigue by dancing actively to upbeat music.
  • Work up a sweat and awaken and enliven bodies and spirits instilled with whimsy.
  • Build strength using weights and therabands or one's own body weight.
  • Some sequences challenge the brain - helping to fight the effects of mental fog and confusion.
  • Each session comes to a close with a relaxing stretching sequence and an community dialogue about new feelings and resources.
  • Every class member receives personalized instruction and is guided to build greater awareness of, respect for, and control of all parts of the body (helping body image and self-respect).Upbeat music and free movement serves as an antidote to depression, doing so with others counteracts isolation.