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Developmental Movement Through Dynamic Embodiment Workshop

​Go back to the beginning, from cells to pre-birth, with a basic introduction to embryology from a Body-Mind Centering® perspective, to our earliest memories of our very creation, and see how it informs our movement patterns today. Move from newborn to one-year-old patterns, experiencing the relational cycle of yield, push, reach and pull, as well as the Series One developmental movement exercises, also from the work of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. Practice adult forms through limb relationships and integration, bringing Bartenieff back into the mix, as we practice and apply these teachings to MFL.

Laban Movement Analysis Through Dynamic Embodiment Workshop

​Explore the sacred geometry of crystalline forms as they occur in and out of the body, move from internal impulses to music, visual imagery and storytelling. Discover the qualities of your own movement and how to balance them through the work of Rudolf Laban. Learn new language for movement in words, graphs and symbols, by drawing and experiencing the categories of: body, including parts, actions, phrasing; effort, through the dichotomies of time, space, weight and flow; shape, with forms, modes of change and flow support, and space, harmonizing levels, dimensions, diameters and scales.

Bartenieff Fundamentals Through Dynamic Embodiment Workshop

​Learn and move a history of Irmgard Bartenieff, with biography, movement themes, fundamental principles, related concepts, basic connections and coordination, and The Basic Six exercises. Themes such as mobility/stability and function/expression mingle with principles of dynamic alignment, sequencing and spatial intent, creating more efficient patterns from the inside out. Working with breath, movement, sound and gentle hands-on application, you'll discover how this work can be practiced and applied to working with different populations, particularly in the context of teaching group classes.

Body Systems/Embodied Physiology Workshop

​Experience the anatomy of your physiology first-hand with 11 hours detailing the six body systems as outlined by Body-Mind Centering®. Journey somatically through the bones, muscles, organs, fluids, glands and nervous system, discovering how to initiate movement from each system and feeling how each system represents different qualities of movement. Understand how these systems influence movement dynamics and health. By the end, you will know your body in a whole new way, with visuals, handouts and exercises utilizing breath, sound, touch and movement. 

Pedagogy Workshop