Prerequisite requirements

MFLCI prerequisites – 46 Hrs TOTAL

​The following prerequisite hours to the Moving for Life Certified Instructor Training are designed to help instructors become exquisitely attentive and adaptive to the needs of diverse students – people with a range of illnesses, ages and movement backgrounds. If you already have training in any of these topics, you may "test out" of the prerequisites or provide proof of successful completion. Alternatively, if you still need coursework to fulfill these requirements, see the list of recommendations below. It is assumed that all applicants already have studied basic anatomy. If not, please see the Anatomy & Kinesiology option below. Contact Dana Davison at with any questions or concerns. 

1. Bartenieff Fundamentals (BF) – Human Movement Efficiency | 10-12 hrs.

2. Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) – Observational Skills | 10-12 hrs.

3. Embodied Physiology / Body Systems (EP/BS) – Body-Mind Centering® & Dynamic Embodiment | 10-12 hrs.

4. ​Neuro-Motor Development (NMD) – An Experiential Movement Approach |  10-12 hrs.

recommended workshops to fulfill Prerequisite hours

Workshops at Moving for Life's Studio 55C, NYC:

Neuro-Motor Development (NMD)

Developmental Sequences*
Wednesday, July 18th, 11am-1pm
Instructor: Dr. Martha Eddy, MFLCI, CTBMD, DEP
Workshop Fee: $60
Fulfills 2 credit hrs. of NMD requirement

*Part of BodyMind Dancing pedagogy workshops.

Embodied Physiology / Body Systems (EP/BS)

To meet the EP/BS prerequisite requirement, you should experience at least two hours of the *Body-Mind Centering® and/or Dynamic Embodiment approach to moving, and touch upon each of the following six body systems: bones, muscles, organs, fluids, glands and nerves. See below for various options.

​Note: If you are not in the NYC area, this coursework may be done in your local area with qualified BMC or DE practitioners. Email for approval. *Body-Mind Centering® is a registered service mark of Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, used with permission.

Fluid Systems of the Body* 
Thursday, July 19th, 11am-1pm
Instructor: Dr. Martha Eddy, MFLCI, CTBMD, DEP
Workshop Fee: $60
Fulfills 2 credit hrs. of EP/BS requirement for fluids​

Learn about how to embody the different fluid rhythms through the art of dancing. *Part of BodyMind Dancing pedagogy workshops

Workshops at University of North Carolina – Greensboro, NC

​Neuro-Motor Development: An Experiential Movement Approach and Bartenieff Fundamentals
Saturday, June 23rd-30th, 9am-6pm
Instructor: Martha Eddy, CMA, MFLCI, CTBMD, DEP
Workshop Fee: $475 (Additional cost for academic credit).
Fulfills ALL 10-12 credits hrs. of both NMD and BF requirement.
Opportunity to study an additional two days of BodyMind Dancing and take evening BMD classes. RSVP by calling 212.222.1351



​You may also pay by mail, phone or in-person with cash, checks or credit card information. Please make checks payable to "Moving For Life" and send along with registration form to:

Moving For Life
55 Avenue C, South Storefront
New York, NY 10009


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