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In memory/honor of Diana Domoracki-Kisto, a veteran K-12 dance educator and former MFL instructor on Staten Island, this Fund will help train dance educators and performers to teach MFL classes and develop programming on Staten Island.
Named after Martha Myers, winner of the 2014 Caring Advocate for Recovery Through the Arts (CARA) Award, and American Dance Festival Dean Emeritus, this scholarship will support transitioning choreographers and dancers who wish to receive MFL Instructor Certification.
This fund is dedicated to Nadea Butler Middleton, who passed from ovarian cancer. Funds will help develop and deliver programming that serves women with ovarian cancer, men with testicular or prostate cancer, and any person with any type of advanced-stage cancer.
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Pays for a full set of services in an underserved neighborhood
(3 free lectures, a weekly exercise class, 6 wellness support groups & 20 DVDs for agencies and group leaders)

Educates an MFL Certified Instructor/Cancer Specialist who will reach hundreds of patients

Ensures a season of workouts in one neighborhood
Brings a lecture and sample class to a support group

Pays for postcards about the importance of exercise in cancer recovery & MFL's free services

Helps with organizing & implementing MFL's introductory lecture:
The Importance of Exercise in Recovery, first developed by Dr. Martha Eddy

Provides MFL T-Shirts for the Dance Parade!