ACS's Hope Lodge provides support programs and classes for survivors.

"We applaud the efforts of "Moving For Life: Moving on" and we hope that the program continues its successful path."

-Lindsay Edgar,
Manager, Guest and Volunteer Programs, American Cancer Society Hope Lodge NYC
Recipes and classes for delicious, healthy cooking and living.
A community center for cancer survivors and their families in downtown Manhattan. Offers various programs and classes.

"[Moving For Life] has been a great support to our members with breast cancer, given the careful and thoughtful design of the class... Members have reported regaining strength, support and a renewed sense of well-being"

Lindsey Fry,
Volunteer Coordinator, Gilda's Club


​​​"[Moving For Life] is making a difference in the lives of women across the country through exercise, dance, and the joy of movement. Moving for Life is an innovative health + wellness program for women with breast cancer, offered for free at the JCC Manhattan..." 

JCC Manhattan Facebook Page August 1, 2015 

Survivor-led support to those affected by breast or ovarian cancer. All programs are free of charge. Services include: hotlines in English and Spanish, support groups, wellness programs, educational meetings, and advocacy activities.

"Dr. Eddy brings professionalism and integrity to this important program and we support her efforts."

-Marina Mazina,
Program Manager, SHARE


The Stowe Weekend of Hope, through a partnership of Vermont's medical community and Stowe’s hospitality businesses, offers a healthy, inspirational retreat weekend for cancer survivors and their families.