NYU's Breast Cancer Lifestyle Intervention Study features Moving For Life

In order to examine the barriers and acceptance of a lifestyle intervention program among overweight women with newly diagnosed breast cancer, NYU Cancer Institute of the NYU Langone Medical Center conducted this study with Moving For Life. Click the PDF below to see the study's background, methods, purpose, results, and conclusions. Researchers include: ​Chun J, Friedman E, Schnabel S, Eddy M, Schwartz S, Kern E, Kiely D, Guth A, Axelrod D.
MFL Poster NYU Study_1.pdf
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MFL's Dance to Recovery DVD featured on National Public Radio

Moving for Life's unique aerobic exercise DVD,
DANCE TO RECOVERY, featuring women recovering from or recovered from breast cancer was featured on NPR's midday news program, HERE & NOW, on Monday, September 16, 2013.

CBS News

How Exercise Can Help Former Cancer Patients

Moving for Life lent it's support for this video at the JCC. Thanks to Dr. Alison Estabrook, who is featured in this clip. She has recognized the importance of Moving for Life, and underwritten MFL classes through St-Luke-Roosevelt Hospital and the Comprehensive Breast Center for over 10 years! We are proud to have her on our advisory council.


MFL's Program Moving On From Cancer formerly referred to as Moving On Aerobics Featured. Includes Martha Eddy, Director, and Dr. Sheldon Feldman, Medical Advisory board member and class member interviews.

Manhattan Sun Times

Moving For Life: Staying Healthy After Breast Cancer.
Article featuring MFL teacher Nancy Bruning.


MFL's Program Moving On From Cancer was on the Breast Cancer Awareness Month's Health Minute. It aired on headline news and as well as all of our hundreds of affiliates. Accent Health, CNN's doctors office program for extended version aired on a February show in 2009.

Moving Bodies, Changing Lives

"Moving On Aerobics [Moving For Life's Flagship program] helps women regain joy of movement and physical fitness after a cancer diagnosis."

Whoopy Goldberg's & Oprah Winfrey's blog

Began the year with a feature on Moving On Aerobics (MFL's Flagship program).

Mamm Magazine

Mamm focuses on "Women, cancer and community" and featured Moving On Aerobics (MFL's Flagship program) in their article "The Breast Cancer Workout."



MFL issues 1000 copies of Moving For Life’s Guidebook for Safe Exercise during Cancer Recovery to Mt Sinai Beth Israel, thanks to Marisa Acocella Marchetto Foundations’ support.


Announcing new bi-lingual fall class series at Queens Corona Library and St. Lukes hospital.
Moving For Life's website gets a make-over featuring a clean new look and logo.
Lecture: Dealing with Fatigue at Beth Israel Hospital.
Moving For Life launches its new logo!
Martha Eddy presents a lecture at JCC entitled, Memory Loss, Exhaustion, & Stress.
Moving For Life launches a new fall Health & Wellness Lecture Series at Beth Israel Hospital.
Marisa Acocella Marchetto, author of Cancer Vixen, and founder of the Marisa Acocella Marchetto Foundation, is our featured guest at Moving For Life's Summer Shop, Sip and Schmooze Party at Elaine Turner Store. Thanks Marisa for sponsoring our new Beth Israel classes!
Moving For Life holds its 2nd Annual Hike-A-Thon spanning 6 miles in Manhattan's northern parks and it's first remote Hike-A-thon in the Netherlands.
Martha Eddy delivers a Neuropathy lecture at JCC as part of the Ask the Expert Series
Martha Eddy delivers a Lymphadema Lecture at JCC Ask the Expert Series.
Ask the Expert Lecture Series and Saturday Gentle Cardio and Posture & Conditioning classes are launched at JCC Manhattan.
Board Member, Hope Reiner hosts our first Ladies Who Care Networking Meeting in 2015
Moving For Life classes reaches all five boroughs and holds its first pilot Bi-lingual class at Jacobi Medical Center in the Bronx. New classes are also started at NYU Perlmutter Cancer Center


Moving For Life announces three new funds: Diana Domoracki-Kisto Scholarship, Martha Myers Scholarship & The Nadea Fund
Elaine Turner Store Hosts Moving For Life's Shop, Snack and Schmooze Party in celebration of  MFL's inaugural year as a 501(c)(3) organization
Moving For Life on the stage at the Central Park Bandshell to motivate  60,000 Making Strides Walkers for ACS. 
Moving For Life receives it's 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization status!
Founding Director, Martha Eddy, CMA, RSMT, EdD is on iHeart radio segment with Author and Breast Cancer Survivor Melanie Young.
Moving For Life's Hike-a-thon ending with MFL Gentle Yoga Moves is memorialized as a cartoon in the New Yorker. 
The creation and teaching of Moving For Life  DanceExercise For Cancer Recovery is featured in Dance Teacher Now 
Moving For Life Exercise Physiologist and Dance Educator Featured in Dance Teacher Magazine. Learn all about our history and how inspired our teachers are around the country. Thank you Caitlin Sims!
VIVA! Moving For Life's DVD in Spanish is launched. Order online! Available for free to eligible community centers who want to participate in obtaining feedback from individual participants. Call or email us -


Dr. Martha Eddy acknowledged by her Alumni Association at Columbia University Teachers College for Dance to Recovery's Success.
Fox News - Breast Cancer survivors are dancing to recovery
Forbes News Suggests Investing in MFL
On NBC Weekend Today Show: Strength in Recovery
Agnes Karlin Mills art auction was a success!
Dance to Recovery DVD featured on NPR's Here & Now Show
Dance to Recovery is available for SALE!!
New MFL classes starting in Vancouver! with Cinzia Toniolo. Our first teacher from Japan is Certified!
17 women gather to train in Moving For Life from NYC, Massachusetts, Ohio, Bogota, Tokyo and Vancouver.
Moving For Life participants and friends dance down Broadway at the NYC Dance Parade.
Berk Foundation award MFL a grant to translate DVD with Spanish subtitles and to train agencies to run classes with our new DVD!
Moving For Life is Part of One Billion Rising at Senior Planet in NYC on Feb 14 - 2- 4pm. Come dance!
27 women signed on with MFL to become Promotoras - Cancer Care advocates with particular sensitivity to Latina experience using the Livestrong Promotoras Curriculum. Thank you to SHARE Cancer CARE for partnering with us.
We've launched class at the new Physical Therapy Center NY Aspire. Come visit on Thursdays at 6pm!

MFL in CALIFORINIA: Melinda Teutschel teaches MFL class in the East Bay of CA.


Moving For Life appears in CBS news segment: How Exercise Can Help Former Cancer Patients .
MFL expanded internationally: August 2012 Teacher Training Program in Denmark! Next meeting Berlin July 14 - 18 2013.


Moving For Life launches new Lecture Series - The Importance of Exercise, offered in English and Spanish.

A new report by a leading British cancer charity is strongly urging patients to increase, not reduce, their levels of physical activity. Lean More

BodyMind Dancing ©, Dr. Martha Eddy's, system of dance teaching, featured in Dance Teacher Magazine.

Moving On From Breast Cancer (MFL) receives Komen Award.

Martha Eddy selected for Who's Who of Professionals 2011

Moving On Aerobics, Moving For Life's flagship program, listed in Nancy S Brennan's book Active Against Cancer.


MFL/MOA ART Party honored Dr. Freya Schnabel and Dr. Mitch Gaynor. We were graced with readings from Speaker, Jami Bernard.


MFL/MOA Benefit Party at the home of Charles and Valerie Diker presented the CARA award to Robin Glazer, Executive Director of Creative Center (The Creative Center: Arts in Healthcare) and to Bonnie Schiffer for her 10 years of volunteer service with MOA. At the Moving On Aerobics Benefit Cocktail Party, Geralynn Lucas read from her book: Why I Wore Lipstick to My Mastectomy.

January 2009
Whoopy Goldberg's and Oprah Winfrey's blog brought in the 2009 year with a feature on Moving On Aerobics.MFL. Many other notables comment on this exciting blog.


Oct 18 2008
Moving On /MFL was on the Breast Cancer Awareness Month's Health Minute. It aired on headline news and as well as all of our hundreds of affiliates. Accent Health, CNN's doctors office program for extended version aired on a February show in 2009. view the segment.

October 16th 2008
Featured oncologist Dr. Ruth Oratz and Breast Surgeon Dr. Alison Estabrook with our Caring Advocates for Recovery through the Arts award (CARA)


October 8, 2007
BodyMind Think Tank: Avon-Walk-a-thon

March/April, 2007
Mamm Magazine and Moving On Aerobics (MFL's flagship program: "The Breast Cancer Workout" by Pamela Weintraub.


February 10, 2005
Hillary Clinton send representative to Moving On from Cancer/MFL classes in NYC