Caring Advocate For Recovery through the Arts Awardees

2017 Awardees

Elyse Neiman-Seiter
Emmy-Award Winning TV Producer, Film-maker & Founder of Mindful Films & Cancer Survivor
Greg Miller
Founder of New York City's Dance Parade

2016 Awardees

 Laurel Kamen
Breast Cancer Survivor & Advocate,
Co-founder of the Alloro Collection, a clothing line designed with survivors in mind
Maria Schneider
Grammy-Award Winning Composer, Conductor & Cancer Survivor

past Awardees

Peter Barton (2012)
Film Director and Moving For Life Volunteer

Bonnie McGlynn DeLuca (2009)
Moving For Life Certified Instructor & Volunteer

Alison Estabrook, MD (2008) 
Breast Surgeon

Mitch Gaynor, MD (2010) 

Robin Glazer (2009)
Director of the Creative Center

Erdene Greene (2014)
Moving For Life Senior Associate & Volunteer

Catherine Gross (2012)
Moving For Life Certified Instructor & Cancer Survivor

​Marisa Acocella Marchetto (2015)
Graphic Novelist, Philanthropist & Cancer Survivor

Martha Myers (2014)
Dancer, Educator & Cancer Survivor

Ruth Oratz, MD (2008)

Florence Poulain (2015)
Dancer, Moving For Life Certified Instructor, Volunteer & Cancer Survivor

Freya Schnabel, MD (2010)
Breast Surgeon

Melanie Young (2014)
Author & Cancer Survivor
​Conceived by Moving For Life Co-Founder Allison (Annie) Rosen, the Caring Advocate for Recovery through the Arts (CARA ) award is given in recognition of those who recognize and deepen the role the creative arts play in cancer recovery and the healing process.