Forbes Responds: Moving For Life is a Great Investment
by Moving For Life Blog on November 10th, 2013

Todd Essig, psychologist and  writer for the Managing Mental Wealth column of Forbes Magazine, sees Moving For Life (MFL)  AS THE DANCE for recovery worth investing in.  He writes:
“Dance Exercise for Cancer Recovery” is the motto for a volunteer organization, “Moving For Life,” that is using the power of dance to heal and support cancer recovery.   I hope you’ll agree—if not now, soon—that MFL classes should be an option everywhere women are recovering from breast cancer. They just need local leaders. If you have some leadership capital just sitting around, MFL would be a good place to invest it…
...The stakes are high. No matter how one dances into breast cancer surgery, there will probably be significant post-surgical challenges, especially if chemo is needed: fatigue, joint pain and weakness, balance problems, peripheral neuropathy (aka, “fire feet”). MFL can help. A recent study at NYU Medical Center of women who participated in a MFL exercise program just twice a week for 8 weeks found it resulted in “statistically significant average weight loss, as well as a greater enjoyment of exercise and decrease in treatment—related pain.”
READ ON and Keep Dancing! 

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