Cancer and Fatigue - Aerobic Exercise is KEY
by Dr Martha Eddy, CMA, RSMT on February 8th, 2013

Did you know that FATIGUE is the number one side-effect to cancer treatment?  Chemotherapy and radiation, surgery and anesthesia all take their toll on the body and cause tiredness. It is important to rest AND it takes active workouts to help the cells get strong and efficient again. The type of workout must be AEROBIC - on going steady movement.  The founders of  Moving For Life - Dr. Alison Rosen and I agreed back in 1999 that aerobic training would be the center point of Moving On.   Between 2005 - 2012 multiple studies have shown that aerobic work-outs are linked to longevity and the reduction of recurrence of cancer.  MFL IS rhythmic movement to music carefully selected by our partner Jan Albert, video producer and DJ. Between the movement and the music Moving For Life is health-giving and fun. Aretha Franklin says it call in Rock Steady - one of our classic songs.  Thank you Aretha for donating your music rights to our DVD that is coming out in April.    

Moving For Life was first called Moving On AEROBICS to emphasize the need for more than stretching and relaxation.    Moving For Life combines aerobic dance, conscious movement, quiet stretching, deep relaxation, fun interaction, lymphatic drainage, and restful pacing to  Move on From Cancer.® Let us know if you're interested in pre-ordering our DVD.  
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