Picture Your Life After Cancer
by Moving For Life Blog on September 21st, 2012

Sometime ago, the New York Times put a call out for people to send photos and talk about their life after cancer. I liked the idea of presenting the positive side, and of highlighting the role of physical activity in my new life. So, I was one of the contributors. For a long time, this material lived online only.  Finally, they are publishing a book that will be available in October at Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  (I and my Indian ladies are in the second to last row, third from the left.) 
Here's the photo, by Aliza Holtz, one of the long-time members of my free Nancercize fitness classes in Fort Tryon Park.
Nancy Bruning is a personal trainer and group fitness leader, author of 26 books on health and fitness, with a master’s degree in public health. She has discovered the double benefits of exercising while outdoors and created Nancercize to help others get double benefits too. Her most recent book is "Nancercize: 101 Things to Do on a Park Bench." To see a free video of outdoor exercises and find out more, visit www.Nancercize.net and join the outdoor exercise movement at www.facebook.com/nancercize.

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