The Power of Music and Dance in Survivorship
by Moving For Life Blog on June 6th, 2012

Image Credit: Anne Francey via NYT blog
The New York Times blog recently featured a great article about the power of music.

Music can have a transformative and inspiring affect and is a very important part of MFL classes. As one observer of put it:

“The class was great the instructor was great, she has music--the right music. The CBS crew and I, we just watched it, it really grabbed us."

--Associate Director of Public Affairs at Continuum Health Partners (who observed class at the JCC while CBS was filming)

What is the right music?

Music that makes you remember? Makes you move? Rejoice? That uplifts you? Transports you? Makes you lose yourself?

My favorite songs remind me think of the past, get me excited about the future and ground me in the sensation of the present—they change my experience of myself and time. I think a lot of Moving For Life songs do the same thing?

What does the right music do for you?  What music do you want to hear while dancing?

Comment and let us know!

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