NYT reports: Cancer Survivors Who Stay Active Live Longer
by Moving For Life Blog on June 1st, 2012

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From the New York Times:

"Can going for a walk improve cancer survivors’ long-term prognosis? It may, according to new research showing that exercise can lower survivors’ risk of premature death, not only from cancer but from any cause. The findings are likely to resonate widely at a time when about 14 million Americans, and many more worldwide, have survived cancer."

The Article goes on to say that in 56 studies, despite a wide variety of methodologies being used, every study found that exercise correlated with better health outcomes: 

"As it turned out, virtually all of the studies, whatever their methodology, showed that regular physical activity “decreased the risk of cancer-related mortality and of all-cause mortality,” Dr. Ballard-Barbash said."

To learn more, read the article.

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