Who we are

​We are a woman-led non-profit organization with over 15 years of leadership in the field of cancer recovery through exercise. We are movement therapists, exercise specialists, psychologists, and doctors. Moving For Life™ is holistic and emphasizes self-awareness, self-respect and community. MFL programs began in NYC for women with breast cancer classes and are now around the nation and globe.


​Free Moving For Life classes have been offered in major hospitals, community & fitness centers, & schools including: • Teachers College, Columbia University • St. Vincent’s Hospital • Comprehensive Breast Center/St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital • American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge • SHARE • Riverside Church Wellness Center • Gilda’s Club • EXHALE Spa • Children’s AID Society • Beth Israel Medical Center • The JCC of Manhattan • Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care & Prevention • Latina SHARE • Einstein Medical Center • Columbia University Medical Center • Get Healthy Harlem


​" Moving For Life has been, without a doubt, a thoroughly vital and restorative practice for me. From the music and choreography to the mix of participants involved in the project –patients and instructors alike – everything about this simply felt right and positive. The class has drawn a broad mix of women. The debriefing sessions afterward addressed each of us as a whole person. As an introvert who is wary of support groups in general (for their “talkiness,” as well as the often-awkward group dynamics they engender), these sessions felt much more manageable. I cannot commend the work of Martha Eddy and the other instructors highly enough, and I firmly believe that other post-op breast cancer patients would find these classes an incredibly valuable opportunity to become involved in their own healing and recovery. "

Rachel Bundang, PhD 
Moving For Life class memeber
October 2010

director's Story

​When Moving For Life first started, everything we did was volunteer work. I chose to make this contribution to honor my mother who died of cancer in 1990. She wished she had danced and traveled more. I love Moving for Life for all the amazing people it attracts - our participants, our teachers, our founders, our partners, our medical advisors and our donors. Moving For life awakens your body and fosters the awareness needed for greater health. You join a community of women and men who have journeyed with cancer. You discover or rediscover the joy of movement. Participants come and go freely over TIME-- sometimes returning after years to once again heal or revive their energy. I feel best when I've engaged in Moving for Life a few times a week. Come join us!
--Dr. Martha Eddy, Director


"The time since my diagnosis for breast cancer has been marked by a kaleidoscope of emotions," wrote Annie, aka Dr. Allison Stern Rosen, Ph.D. However, as everything was shifting around her: "one constant remained--fatigue."

"As I looked into the existing research, I came across numerous studies on the importance of exercise in the rehabilitation of breast cancer patients. The experts were also unanimous in stressing the role that exercise and weight control plays in the long-term survival of breast cancer patients."

Annie tried to start exercising. She knew this would help her regain and maintain vitality, but there were challenges. "Movement hurt! Walking, lifting, yoga was all too strenuous. I joined a gym but the machines seemed like "torture devices." Weights hurt my joints. I tried aerobic exercise classes, but in the company of younger and stronger athletes, I felt surrounded by painful reminders of all I had lost."

Determined to do something, Annie began experimenting on her own-- and she found a way: she would put on her favorite songs and sway to the music: "I could sway and rock. At last, I had discovered a way to regain my strength. Joy is too calm a word to describe what I felt. I had a future again."

Annie shared her journey with Jan Albert and Martha Eddy. She also shared her hope: that the the 3 of them combine their expertise to create a program that: "will fill the gap I found when I was taking the first steps in my recovery." With their combined expertise in EXERCISE physiology, music, film, women's health, fertility, and psychology, they created Moving For Life. The program received rave reviews and has been expanding ever since.
Moving For Life Co-Founders (l to r): Martha Eddy, Annie Rosen & Jan Albert